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A high performance boxer-brief made with luxurious merino wool and fused with our SilverAir anti-odor technology. An intelligent grip system prevents the legs from riding up or bunching. Perfect for travel but so comfortable you'll want to wear them every day.

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SilverAir Merino Wool Underwear
SilverAir Merino Wool Underwear
SilverAir Merino Wool Underwear
Jet Black 2
Graphite Grey
Jet Black 1
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SilverAir Merino Wool Underwear
SilverAir Merino Wool Underwear
SilverAir Merino Wool Underwear
Jet Black 2
Jet Black 2
Jet Black 2
Electric Blue
Electric Blue
Electric Blue
Electric Blue

Boxer Brief


$ 35.00

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    • SilverAir + Merino Wool prevents odor build-up 
    • SmartGrip™ System helps keep leg bands in place 
    • Made from 17.5 Micron New Zealand Merino Wool
    • 90% Merino Wool, 5% Metallic, 5% Spandex
    • Manufactured in China

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We want you to love your gear and offer a try-on guarantee for your first pair of underwear. If you don't love it, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll either send you a different size or issue a full refund.


17.5 Micron Ultrafine Merino Wool. No Compromises.

For the base fabric of this underwear, we sourced ultra fine 17.5 Micron New Zealand Merino Wool for it's natural ability to regulate temperature and resist odor, while having a buttery soft hand feel that is dry to the touch. SilverAir metallic yarns neutralize bacteria and reinforce odor-control. Finally, a hint of spandex is added so the underwear does not lose it's shape over time. The waistband is constructed with a double-soft nylon that feels like a cloud on the skin and will not leave any marks.

SilverAir Shirt


Taking odor control to a whole new level.

Merino wool is naturally resistant to odor-causing bacteria, but silver actively neutralizes any bacteria it comes into contact with. That's why we infuse our SilverAir technology into the underwear to give it the best possible anti-odor performance in the market.

SilverAir Sock


A grip system that prevents ride-up

Inspired by grip systems in high-end cycling apparel, we designed a custom grip using soft silicones that you barely feel against your skin but which creates just enough resistance for the leg band to stay in place.

SilverAir Shirt

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Greg Molnar
United States

Military tested and proven to last in all extreme Earthly human environments

As a former service member and an extremely active outdoors-man I’ve had ample opportunities to put these to the test above any sense of the term “normal” or what most other individuals will ever undertake in their lifetimes. I took part in the Kickstarter for the first production run of these back in late 2016 and ever since receiving my pairs they have never ceased to perform. While I can only give my personal experience, being an avid endurance runner, mountaineer, extreme camper, and a soldier I have to say that these boxers surpassed my original aspirations in all areas and capabilities. There’s plenty that I can write about, but to keep my words concise I’ll summarize. I’m a utilitarian and any decision I make involving my gear is an absolutely serious one as it can mean the difference between life and death. I train with the best and I only use the best so that I can perform at my best in every way of my life. I’ve run marathons in these, been in the hottest and coldest climates of the world with these, trekked hundreds of miles while carrying heavy combat loads in these, and much more. They work. End of story. No need to keep reading. That’s all that I need to say. The minimalistic style and construction works well and the design contours to the body nicely to prevent chaffing and other issues in both daily and protracted wear – and as a bonus they look good too. The materials function aptly. The usage of merino wool was an important and positive materials choice as it is a staple for outdoor and performance wear that’s been proven in all environments and conditions and here proves that performance was thought of first rather than as an afterthought. Even submerged underwater I had no problems. They worked. Additionally the fabrication of the smart-grip system around the leg bands and the simple design of the waistband have been a major benefit and with everything I’ve done I have never had to worry about chaffing, riding, fraying, or wearing which were all core concerns of mine. Each of these are major problems with most other systems and is a severe detriment for protracted operations as it does seriously limit one’s morale and ability to perform. As for odor prevention, full disclosure I was very skeptical about this and have never used a Y Athletics product before these, but after using these for many months I am now confident in the claim as well as the soundness of the merino and silver material. And due to my profession I've tested this for weeks at a time. The material is sound. As long as one cares for them appropriately and keeps a good hygiene standard there is no reason these will not last you for many years of use. Overall I am quite content with these and I will be seeking more in the future. Their ease of packability saves space and ounces over traditional systems, they are built to last and endure among the harshest elements, they have a longevity unmatched by virtually every other underwear/boxer/brief offered on the market today, and to top it all off the minimalist look and design is most enjoyable and goes with any outfit in both form and most importantly function. Whether partaking in survival training in the harshest blizzards of the tundras, rucking gear through the searing deserts under an unforgiving summer sun, or for daily use going about one’s life to me the choice is uncontested. In conclusion, in life we have only one of two ways we can choose to live. We can live by our values making logical and value-based decisions for what is right or by our comfort zone and our emotions for what feels right. We can define ourselves by only one and this decision is ours alone to make so I leave that decision to you.

Gregory P.
United States

Reviews are true... THESE ARE AMAZING

Just like everyone else; I was very skeptical that these would work as advertised. I was wrong to worry and will be buying more. They are amazing. I didn't believe they could hold up for a few days of wearing; so I wore the **** out of them for 5 days straight. They continued to be fresh and I could have gone longer. They exceeded my expectations and definitely will only take 2 pairs on my next 10 day trip. The other part that is fantastic is the leg opening grips. I already forgot the fancy term for this feature; but the fact of the matter is I have NEVER owned a pair of trunks that stay put. They always ride up, bunch up and require all day maintenance. The first day I wore these; it was at the end of the work day that I realized I was comfortable the entire day. No ride ups, bunch ups or anything. They stayed right where they should be and I love them. Shocked by how much I love them and very happy. I've read a few reviews that have some whiners regarding the leg grip feature not being that great ... honestly I think they are crazy. They stay put with no noticeable grip or pulling. I love these trunks and I am already getting ready to buy some more. Please make some more colors and thanks for a great product.

Jacob D.
United States

Get what you pay!

Not the cheapest merino wool underwear, but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for! Seems like the company is going in the right direction. I like the well thought out design with wide elastic band and pieces attached to legs. Looking forward to long term testing on durability. Nothing breathes as good and feels as soft as wool. Keep up the good work

Jazz, J.
United States

Very Comfortable, except for the goods

Overall I think they're great, the groin area could use a little more in way of design. They don't give much support for my package and after a while I was finding myself having to re-adjust myself frequently.

Kevin D.
United States

Great fit and true to no smell

I like the underwear very much. They a bit costly but worth the price. They fit great and do not smell after two days. I would recommend them.