This is our newest iteration of the sock. It's a mid-weight all purpose sock that takes comfort, durability, and odor protection to an all new high. We took everything we learnt from the sock 1.0 and re-engineered the elements to create a masterpiece. Nothing is perfect, but we think this sock comes pretty darn close. 

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SilverAir Sock 2.0 Bundle
Striped Blue Black
Charcoal Grey
Charcoal Grey & Striped Blue Black

Crew Sock 2.0 - 2 Pairs


$ 40.00

  • Charcoal Grey
  • Striped Blue Black
  • Charcoal Grey & Striped Blue Black
  • M
  • L
  • XL
    • SilverAir + Merino Wool fabric prevents odor build-up 
    • Zoned ventilation panels keep your feet cool
    • Cushioned bottom provides incredible comfort
    • 46% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 13% Acrylic, 13% Metallic, 3% Spandex
    • Manufactured in China with Australian Merino Wool

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We have a one year durability guarantee on all our socks. If your sock rips or tears within 12 months of purchase, we'll replace it for free.


A beautiful blend of Merino Wool & Silver

The 2.0 socks are created with a higher micron merino wool that's more durable than the ultra fine grade used in our underwear. The merino is blended with a touch of acrylic to give it an extremely soft, pillowy texture for superb comfort. Abrasive areas are reinforced with high-strength nylon and finally, we engineered an all new metallic silver yarn with built-in stretch that runs throughout the core of the entire sock.

SilverAir Shirt


Unmatched odor protection

Our SilverAir yarns are flat, which means there's no inherent stretch in them. For sock 2.0, we combined the SilverAir yarns with spandex which allowed us to knit the silver continually throughout the entire product. While the base Merino is naturally bacteriostatic, silver neutralizes any bacteria it comes into contact with. This essentially gives sock 2.0 unmatched anti-odor performance that lasts the life of the product.

SilverAir Sock


Feel the difference inside and outside

A high-density 200 needle knitting machine is used to construct these socks. We cushioned only the footbed to deliver incredible comfort without adding bulk. The toe caps are seamlessly knit to prevent any blisters and there are no open stitches on the inside. Turn the sock inside-out and you'll find a completely smooth surface that won't rub you the wrong way.

SilverAir Shirt

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Craig M.
United States

Best socks ever

I have been looking for a replacement sock since my favorite sock provider closed their doors (American made). I decided to try these since I have had some experience with merino wool. I bought two pair and took them with me on a ten day vacation to Turkey. I worn one pair for 5 days straight just to test them. They performed as advertised. I have found my new socks

Timothy P.
United States

Professional travelers perfect companion!!

As a pilot, traveling for up to 3 weeks at a time, I must pack about a weeks worth if uniforms in a carry-on bag...and these products certainly help. Wash one set in the hotel sink...wear the other, and always feel clean and fresh.. Still do laundry weekly, but now have space iny bag for sneakers and other gear!!

A Y Athletics Customer
Ryan Dammrose

Best Crew Socks my Feet Have Had the Pleasure of Wearing

I have tried the ankle socks 1.0 and they were really great and definitely lived up to the odor test as I walked with a pair through all of Europe on a single wash and they still didn't smell bad. I then tried the ankle socks 2.0 and was really disappointed with the durability and struggled a lot with a lot of early replacements [eventually, just hot-fix sewing them]. When it comes down to it though, I am more of a crew sock guy and when I saw these, I was really excited. I ordered a couple pairs and they did not disappoint. These are my new favorite socks! I can wear them all of the time with very little washing required. They are comfortable and durable and I finally have socks I really enjoy wearing [and I prefer to be barefoot when possible -- unfortunately, that isn't often enough]. I hope to slowly eliminate all other "normal" crew socks from my drawer and replace them with these. Thank you Y Athletics for getting these right!

London, UK


I am loving these socks. I have worn them over several days running around EuroDisney with the kids. They are very comfortable, and still smell fresh. The evening I wore a normal pair of socks, my feet felt sticky only a couple of hours in. Hope will get more colours (shades of brown) in future. Would definitely recommend.

Orion B.
United States

Sock 2.0 Bundle

for $22 per pair of socks, I was expecting a lot more the "odor reduction" potential. I have pretty sweaty feet, but even during the first day of use with a NEW pair of REASONABLY CLEAN dress shoes, I could still smell some foot odor. Basically, they seem to perform NO BETTER than a pair of regular merino wool socks, and standard merino wool socks run about ~10 bucks. I do not plan to buy another pair of Y Athletics socks as I don't see a benefit from the extra cash I spent.